John's Story

Each day more than 1500 people die due to cancer in the US. On October 29, 2008 we lost our beloved John Shemenski to a brain tumor. John was a husband, son, brother, cousin, uncle, friend, colleague and lover of life. His death was not different than others who suffered the same fate, but the way he lived his life before and during cancer was. John never lived for someday, he always lived for RIGHT NOW. He is a story of inspiration.

John was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March 2007 at the age of 33. From day One he showed hope, courage, and determination to beat the tumor and not let it run his life. During his entire battle with cancer he lived everyday like he had vibrantly lived the previous 34 years. He let nothing stand in his way of pursing dreams, enduring interests, and running with his passions.

John never lived for someday, he always lived for RIGHT NOW.

John was an extremely fun loving, light hearted person who had a soul as bright as the sun. He was known to family and childhood friends as “Jasiu” and to college friends and many others as “Johnny”. Every single person who knew him could feel a wholesome ‘goodness’ in his presence, and we truly felt like better people just being around him. John left us with a legacy of how we should appreciate life, no matter how long or short, and with an example of what kind of people we should try to be. Our lives are so much darker without him, but if we learned anything from John, it would be to face your challenges no matter what it takes. Where there is darkness, there is always light.

We share this with you because we want the way John lived his life, even in moments of despair, to inspire you to live the same way – to live RIGHT NOW! Treasuring family and friends, being thankful for the things we have, and living life to the fullest each and every day. We ask for your help to fight brain cancer and support those who are living with cancer. By supporting the Shemenski Foundation, you are joining us in sharing the “Hope, Courage, and Determination to Beat Cancer!”

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