In 2015, over 22,000 people will be diagnosed with brain cancer in the U.S. On October 29, 2008 we lost our beloved John Shemenski to a brain tumor. At just 34, John was a husband, son, brother, cousin, uncle, friend, colleague and lover of life. John never lived for someday; he always lived for RIGHT NOW. During his entire battle with cancer he lived everyday like he had vibrantly lived the previous 34 years. He let nothing stand in his way of pursuing dreams, enduring interests, and running with his passions.

John’s “hope, courage and determination” is the inspiration for the Shemenski Foundation.

In January 2009 the Shemenski Foundation was founded by a small, passionate group of young professionals that simply wanted to stop watching friends and family battle cancer. In just 6 years, we have grown to an organization of over 400 supporters who have accomplished the following:

  • Raised and donated over $200,000 to Cancer fighting causes in the Cincinnati area
  • Funded 14 pilot research grants
  • Held 6 successful SOLD OUT bowl-a-thon fundraisers

In 2012 the Shemenski Foundation teamed up with the UC Brain Tumor Center to focus on beating brain cancer. Our goal is to help UC Health create a world-class facility where brain tumor patients can enjoy the best continuum of care anywhere in the world right here in Cincinnati.

UC BTC Highlights

  • In the past year, UC BTC cared for over 2,000 patients with all types of brain tumors
  • Performed 3 of every 4 brain tumor surgeries in the Greater Cincinnati Area
  • Passed the 4,500 mark for surgeries performed
  • Grew Clinical Trials from 2 to 14 since 2007
  • Funded 5 pilot grants since 2012 totaling $350,000
  • Blake's Story: Medulloblastoma

  • Blake knew he was in the right hands the moment he saw the surgeon’s wrists. Dr. John M. Tew, Blake’s neurosurgeon, was wearing one of Lance Armstrong’s yellow LiveStrong cancer bracelets.

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  • Lynne's Story: Brain Metastasis

  • Semiretired and working part-time at a restaurant, Lynne knew something was amiss when she looked at the cash register and then struggled to make her hands produce the correct amount of change.

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  • All donations benefit the Shemenski Foundation and brain cancer research.

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2015 Board of Directors

  • President - Jeff Eggleston
  • Vice President - Lisa Suwalski
  • Treasurer - Jeff Rieder
  • Marketing Director - Andrea Zahumensky
  • Events Director - Kelly Heaps
  • Communications Director - Kira Knight
  • Sponsorship Director - Jason Greiner
  • 2015 Committee Chairs:
  • Social Media - Ryan Davis
  • Bowl A Thon Chair - Ananda Kraemer
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